Eric Lopez

Years of experience: 15+
Position: Sales Engineering Manager

  • Bachelor of Science with an MBA
  • Over fifteen years of business development and sales engineering experience
  • Bi-lingual Spanish speaking

We strive to help business owners develop a solid technical foundation and business strategy to facilitate success. We work to improve sales and productivity, and address & solve your technical hurdles.


IMPROVe yoUR BUSINESS PERFORMANCE through exacting technical solutions.

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Jim Meyer

Years of experience: 15+
Position: President & CEO

Mr. Meyer established Amtekbd LLC in to provide business consulting for communications, infrastructure, university, railroad, city transit, government and law enforcement organizations  .He provides the leadership and forward thinking that have got us this far.

  • Engineer with an MBA
  • Over ten years of management
  • Over fifteen years of sales, business development and marketing experience
  • Significant experience working with clients on complex, multi-million dollar solutions
  • Confident and successful negotiation of numerous, complex legal contracts
  • Sales and management experience in several market verticals