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Engagement Questions

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of questions, nor is it meant to raise fear.  Rather, it offers items for a prospect Company to consider when
contemplating engagement with Amtekbd.  Some may not apply to you, and others may foster further items to ponder.


  1. What market verticals do you want to engage?  Industries and sub-industries?
  2. What size Companies do you want to approach, by employee count?
  3. What size Companies do you want to approach, by revenue size?
  4. Public vs. private Companies?
  5. Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, smaller?
  6. What regions do you want to address?  US, Canada, Caribbean, LATAM, certain states or islands?
  7. What levels in those Companies do you feel are the decision makers?
  8. What Company departments do you want to approach?


  1. What is your typical deal closure timeframe from initial meet?
  2. Do you want us to engage to kick start new business discussion, or to bring some deals to revenue closure?
  3. Do you want us to do the contracting with your assistance, alone, or not at all?
  4. How long do you wish to engage Amtekbd?  Initially and long term?
  5. What is your approximate budget?
  6. What revenue do you hope to achieve with Amtekbd engagement?
  7. What is the final engagement plan?  If you are a foreign Company, we’d like to be a VAR/reseller for you in this market.


  1. Do you have final versions of prospect viewable documents and PowerPoint presentations in English?
  2. Do you have a trial or loaner system, hardware and complete software?  What do you charge, if any, for prospects to engage for a demo for a weeks’ time?  Do you have an engineer to remotely support our technical staff in trial systems?
  3. Do you perceive a product software latency problem using the trial system on your server for prospects in US, Canada or Caribbean?
  4. Can you devote one instance of your solution on a demo server for Amtekbd to use?
  5. How is your solution priced, leased, monthly rent to own, etc.?  Users, features, etc.  Do you offer financing?
  6. Is there a need for Amtekbd to address a current customer for additional software, support and training, and if so, how would that be handled?
  7. If Amtekbd is not yet a VAR/reseller, how do you want to engage with customer for pricing, licensing, etc.?


  1. Are you and at least one of your technical staff reasonably fluent in the English language?
  2. If you engage Amtekbd, through a contract process or not, are you planning to rely upon us to perform the Tier 1 support here in country and refer to you for Tier 2 support?  Most North American organizations expect local support.
  3. What is the typical installation timeframe from order to acceptance?
  4. What Operating System does the system utilize?  Please also share software specifications for applicable 3rd party solutions such as Oracle, VMWare, etc.
  5. Please share the hardware specifications.


  1. For product installations, will you perform those yourself, or rely upon Amtekbd staff to perform the installation?  If you want us to do the installs, can you commit to send one of your technical staff to join us for the first two installs such that we may be trained on that process?  And, can that same installer also join us for the first two training sessions which will be conducted in conjunction with the first two installs?  Further, can you make one of your technical staff available for future installs where we may have issues to address?
  2. Are you able to devote a combination of staff for 40 hours over two weeks, free of charge to Amtekbd, to remotely engage via Skype, WebEx, etc. to train our technical engineering staff such that they may give detailed product demonstrations on your products?  What type of training will you provide?  This would be considered Train the Trainer instruction for us.
  3. Do you have a training course catalog?

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