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Located in DFW, we can meet you wherever your communications needs arise.  As a our customer, you can be sure that all of your installation, service, and repair work, either at your locations or ours, will be performed in a timely and efficient manner to the highest standards.


On-Site & Field Installations

We offer both on-site and in-field installations. Our installation team has experience in performing both one-way and two-way wireless installations. We are capable of performing the full spectrum of installations from simple dash mount mobile installations to the most complex mobile data, paging, SMR, PCS and digitally encrypted systems. Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed and we stand behind every installation we perform.  We stage all of your equipment and test it before we ever install it.

Field Service
To repair and service on-site fixed equipment, each of our experienced field technicians is not only familiar with the current technology seen in the field, but also undergoes continuing education to ensure currency on new technology coming out.

Bench Service
For portable or mobile equipment, we provide bench service and repair. Our bench technicians undergo the same continuing education required to keep up with ever-changing technology.

Our bench technicians are equipped with the finest tools and test equipment in the industry. This allows them to quickly diagnose a problem and  restore it to proper working conditioning.

System Management

A do-it-yourself strategy doesn't always make sense when you're trying to balance the many demands on your time, budget, and people.  Managing a wireless network is a big job, but it doesn't have to be your job. Let us help.  We provide the technical expertise; you get the peace of mind.

Make your costs predictable. You can offload some or all of the responsibility and risk of managing, maintaining, and upgrading your system.

You can arrange for us to handle the life-cycle management of your system.  There's no better investment in network performance and peace of mind than putting the powerful resources of our technical staff on your team.

We understand the newest and best solutions. And we never forget that your wireless communications are a vital means to an end: achieving your organization's strategic communication objectives.

We have the engineering knowledge you need to design, build, upgrade, expand, and maintain mission-critical networks. Our complete array of technical service is available when you need it.

We offer support from our committed, highly trained, experienced professionals.  You can rely on our state-of-the-art equipment, repair and field support organization.